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5 Reasons a Local Business Owner Should be Involved in Social Media

There are many reasons that every local business should be involved in local social media.  I’ve found that if it takes more than five reasons, then they are afraid of what they don’t understand, or are fearful of change.  To go beyond five you are just reaffirming to someone who believes in what you are…

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Using Social Media Apps with Promotions

We’re rolling out social media promotions for a local client of ours.  The business will be giving away a pair of season tickets to the Oregon Ducks 2010 Football season.  A hot ticket!  The Ducks went to the Rose Bowl last year and had been picked to win the Pac-10 again.  The Ducks have sold…

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Media Fragmentation, It Always Seems To Happen

How much has social media fragmentation affected your audience and at what cost?  Traditional media tries to entertain an audience and keep it, so they can then sell advertising within that form of entertainment.  While the programming and editorial content has become corporate blah for the most part audiences, have rushed over to other venues…

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Thoughts on Traditional Media Meeting Social Media

I saw a commercial the other night from Coleman; you know the lantern and overnight camp gear company.  Their claim was that they were the original social network, pretty clever I thought and pretty much on target.  While brands that target a younger and more geeky, (for lack of a better word) consumer with social…

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Social Marketing: Why it matters.

We do believe that social media and social marketing has radically altered advertising. We believe that social media can level the playing field between Madison Avenue and local business owners. It’s not a fad, the landscape of social media has changed dramatically over the past three years, and what we see today will dramatically change…

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Who is your ideal customer? Do you really know?

In my years of selling media, I’ve met with hundreds of local business owners. In asking business owners to describe who their ideal customers or clients were, they usually explained who they wished their customers were and not who their customers actually were. They may have seen a couple of BMW’s or Mercedes pull into…

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Twitter Marketing Strategy: Tweeting with Frequency

As any good radio account executive or business owner knows, the frequency is necessary with radio. I’d argue frequency is critical for Twitter marketing strategy as well. With radio being the active medium that it is, users are usually active at what they are doing while listening. They are getting ready in the morning, driving,…

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Using Social Media Branding Strategy to Build Your Brand

Know your audience!  Engage your audience.  Social Media is no exception.  With little room for error in today’s economy for the small business owner, it’s important to embrace the social media revolution and use it just as with traditional media, the correct way.  Just as there are keys to success in “Traditional Media”, there are…

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Keeping Media Buying Simple

For most small business owners dealing with media buying  is like dealing with an ever-changing alphabet soup. This is primarily because the language of media is cluttered with acronyms. And understanding each acronym is necessary to getting the most out of your media buy. AQH, GRP’s CPM, CPP and that was before web banners, unique…

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